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Boxer Kennel för bruks och tjänst

Boxer Kennel for working dogs and K-9

Ringside's Dodge "Grimmy"

Welcome to Swerex Kennel


You are warm welcome to Swerex Kennel.

Make yourself at home.

For questions, please feel free to contact me.


/ Petrus Toxy

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NEWS 2016




Summer is approaching. Please, do not forget your K-9 dog inside your car.

How hot it is - see the table below.



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NEWS 2015



Swerex wish:


to all puppy owners and friends in the K9 world.


/ Petrus Toxy

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Swedish Boxer Championship 2015


This year's Swedish Boxer Championship event will be held on August 7-9 at Tånga Hed, Vårgårda.


Obedience Competitions in all clases,

Friday, August 7


Working trial (tracking & search) & IPO,

Saturday, August 8.


Championship (and puppy) Show, Sunday Agust 9.


Males and puppies : Mr Bolizar Velikov, Bulgaria

Females:Mr Josef Suster, Slovakia.


In the event of a high number of entries to the Championship Show, will puppies be judged by Mrs Pia Fogleberg Berglund, Sweden.


Traditional Event Dinner at Saturday.





Summer is approaching. Please, do not forget your K-9 dog inside your car.

How hot it is - see the table below:


Time of day (AM)

The outdoors temp.


The temp. inside your car


+14 C / 57 F


+19 C / 66 F


+18 C / 64 F


+38 C / 100 F


+20 C / 68 F

Changing weather

+47 C / 116 F


+20 C / 68 F


+57 C / 134 F


+23 C / 73 F


+62 C /143 F


+22 C / 71 F


+85 C / 185 F




NEWS 2014



Swerex wish:


to all puppy owners and friends in the K9 world.


/ Petrus Toxy

Swerex Kennel



The website has unfortunately been out of action due to technical reasons. This means that all old news from 2003 to 2014 have disappeared into cyberspace.


I'll now program a new and modern website for Swerex Kennel.


All puppy buyers and friends in the boxer world are warmly welcome to inquire.

Please send pictures of your Swerex dogs and news, so I can restore the "Swerex Kennel news" that's gone.


I wish to stress that puppy buyers should from 2008 contact me and no one else in all Swerex matters. If you do not contact me, I have consequently difficult to help you with any questions regarding boxers in general and Swerex dogs in particular.


You'll find contact information for Swerex Kennel under "Contact" (Kontakt)


Swerex Kennel will not take a third litter C-litter, before I finished my law degree.

Will take out my law degree in 2015/2016. I will then start searching for suitable breeding material.


Swerex Kennel will thus take a new litter at the earliest by 2018.



/ Petrus Toxy

Swerex Kennel



Swerex Kennel © 2003 Copyright. All rights are reserved.

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* After summer comes fall.

Today I have visited a homeless boxer.

/ 161011


* Merry X-mas and Happy New 2015!

Swerex Kennel wish all Swerex puppy buyers and friends in the K-9 world a successful 2015th.

/ 151223


* Swerex Kennel is back after a break due to technical problems.

/ 140820



  1. Swerex Kennel is a pure boxer kennel.


  1. Swerex Kennel is by the FCI and Swedish Kennel Club registered kennel.


  1. Swerex Kennel follows FCI, Swedish Kennel Club, Swedish Working Dog Club and Swedish Boxer Club guidelines and current national and European legal statute regarding breeding. This means that Swerex Kennel follows e g the Swedish Consumer Purchases Law (KköpL), which is a mandatory law to the consumer's advantage.

When you buy a dog from Swerex Kennel, you'll always and in all ways know that you can be safe in your dog ownership.


  1. Swerex Kennel is insured at breeding business, so Swerex Kennel puppy buyers can feel secure.


  1. Swerex Kennel was founded in 2003 by me, Petrus Toxy

(born Tahvanainen).


Can mention to all old american friends, that in connection with that I got re-married, I renamed me from Petri Tahvanainen to Petrus Toxy.

To old friends I'm still "Petri".

Many old american friends also know me by the name "Peter", but to all others I'm in nowadays "Petrus Toxy".

You can read more about me on my website TOXY. Many of you don't find any new news on my website, some others of you do that. All of you that don't know me from the K-9 business and the Security Industry can read more about me and my K-9 experiences on Swerex homepage under "About" (Om).

All information on Swerex is an open source.


  1. Swerex Kennel has had two litters.

A-litter in 2004 and B-litter in 2006.


  1. Swerex Kennel operate from 2008 solely by me, Petrus Toxy.


  1. Swerex Kennel have focused our breeding towards healthy working dogs and K-9 (service dogs), as during leisure metalt suitable as companion dogs in families with children. All service dogs in the K-9 industry are not suitable as family dogs, but Swerex dogs are.


  1. Next Swerex litter, C-litter, will be born at the earliest by 2018.


Until then you will on Swerex find tips for dog training and news from the K9 world.


With best regards,


/ Petrus Toxy


“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”

/ Mark Twain