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Anno 2003

Boxer Kennel för bruks och tjänst

Boxer Kennel for working dogs and K-9



Swerex Kennel grundades 2003.


2004 föddes Swerex första kull.

Swerex A-kull bestod av en hane: SWEREX AIFUR, och två tikar: SWEREX ASYNJA och SWEREX ASKA.

Samtliga hundar har såldes till Sverige, förutom en hund, som såldes till utlandet och fick ett gott liv på en ambassad.














2006 föddes Swerex Kennel andra kull.

Swerex B-kull bestod av tre tikar: SWEREX BIANCA, SWEREX BLANCA och SWEREX BOIJE, och tre hanar: SWEREX BAGGE, SWEREX BANÉR och SWEREX BONDE.


Bildtext: Pixie med B-kullen. Foto: Petrus Toxy. All rights reserved.
















Swerex Kennel har varje år till 2008 anordnat Swerex Kennel-dagar och kommer återuppta denna tradition.


På Swerex Kenneldagar har vi olika teman, ex. skydd, spår, rapport, sök.

Temat ändras från år till år. Swerex Kennel dagarna avslutas med en grillfest i goda vänner lag.


Teman som Swerex Kenneldagar hittills haft är: IPO, Lydnad, Skydd och Spår.


Bildtext: Swerex Kenneldag. Foto: Petrus Toxy. All rights reserved.















Petrus Toxy


/ Petrus Toxy

Swerex Kennel





Photographer: Petrus Toxy

Swerex Kennel © 2003 Copyright.


All rights are reserved.


Intellectual property infringement will be prosecuted by law.

Swerex Kennel © 2003 Copyright. All rights are reserved


  • Ringside's Rolex

"Scooby Doo" +

  • Jipotimas Gold 'N' Easy "Pixie" +
  • Jipotimas Phantom of the Opera "Fanta" +
  • Skybridge Jingo at Swerex "Jingo" +
  • Swerex Bianca "Bianca" +


  • Etzelhof Danko "Danko Banko" (Schäfer) +






My name is Petrus Toxy.


I have worked in various industries. One of the industries is the security industry. In the security industry, I have done lot of things, one of the things was traine K-9 (service dogs).


I have during the years been requested to traine K-9 to Swedish- and foreign security companies.

The aim was to lay the foundations so the K-9 was able to work abroad as a Military Security dogs in i e Middle East.


I have also imported safety classified equipment from the United States to the EU, with the US authorities approval.


But. To my first profession I'm a historian with undemocratic groups as my speciality.


I have held classes for parts of the Swedish defense forces in following subjects:

right-wing extremism and terrorism.


I have mapped out, as historian, Swedish right-wing extremism and their links to foreign right-wing extremism and other non-democratic groups, such as Islamic fundamentalists.


I have also mapped out the Swedish political left and their links to non-democratic groups, such as left-wing extremism and Islamic fundamentalists.


My work on right-wing extremism was requisitioned by a Swedish intelligence unit.

The Swedish intelligence unit considered that I with my six months of work had saved them one year's work.


I'm studying to become a lawyer. 2018/2019, I will take my LL.M.


I'm also stuyding Computer Science. Network Security and DevOp is another of mine long term interests.


For more information about me go to Toxy.


If we know each other you can become my contact on LinkedIn.


All information about me on the Internet is an open source.


You will not find anything on the Internet, which is a secret.

The reason are many, besides your security clearence, I have the last 15+ years, since late 90's and the Op Trailblazer, assumed that all our virtual sources are read and the massive information from them are collected.


In 2013 Edward Snowden showed that my now 15+ years old assumption was correct.


Therefore, I have no information on the Internet, on any accounts, with or without a code, which you can't get through an open sources.

On Internet you will thou find some slander that both righ-wing and left-wing extremists have put up as "secrets". One of the "secrets" on Internet is that I during my mapping out left-wing extremists 2002-2014 worked for SÄPO (Swedish secret police). This is pure slander.


I have never worked for SÄPO.

I mapped out the right-wing extremists and the Swedish political left in my role as historian.


The slander on Internet is some kind of childish revenge for my work, but all the slander is, insofar as they are based on some degree of truth, taken from open sources.


To the extent that they are not based on truth, they rest on some extremists imagination, as for example the information that I have worked or works for SÄPO.


All the slander is a police matter and much of the slander have been taken down from the Internet in the same rate as the persons behind the slander have been tracked down and informed that they risk prosecution.

What a person with legal capacity believes is up to the person or let me put it in the words of Ziad K. Abdelnour:


"Always remember... Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.”


If I would have any secrets they wouldn't lay towards Internet, they would be encrypted and they wouldn't be registred in any open administrative source.


In other words it tends to be easier to go directly to the source, that is me, and ask directly me if you have any questions.


If you have questions that have nothing to do with Swerex Kennel you follow and use the contact information on Toxy.


If your questions are about Swerex Kennel, then you are welcome to use the contact information on Swerex website. You'll find the contact information under: "Kontakt" (Contact).


With best regards,


Petrus Toxy


/ Petrus Toxy

Swerex Kennel






Brukshund och tjänstehund erfarenhet:


Handledare (SBK):

- Lydnadskurser

- Valpkurser



- Tävlingsgrupp Rapport




- IPO lydnad

- IPO spår

- Lydnad

- Rapport

- Svensk spår

- Sök (människa)

- Viltspår (blodspår)


Hangar- /vakthundar


PMC Private Peacekeepers:

- Anti-hundtjänst

- Bevakning

- Lydnad

- Skydd

- Spår

- Sök (utvalda lukter)









Övrig erfarenhet / utbildning:

* MH figurant (SBK)

* MT figurant (SBK)

* Handler

* Kennel (SKK)

* Ringsekreterare (SKK)

* Utvärdering av MH (SBK) - Figurant åt Ingrid Tapper mfl.



Working dogs and K9 service dog experiences:


Guard- / Hangar dogs


Instructor (SBK):

- Obedience classes

- Puppy classes



- Competition Group Dispatch dog



- Dispatch


- IPO obedience

- IPO track

- Obedience

- Swedish track

- Search (human)

- Tracking (blood track)


PMC Private Peacekeepers:

- Anti-K9 service

- Monitoring

- Obedience

- Protection work

- Search (selected odors)

- Tracking


"Problem dogs"


Protection dogs


Service dogs / K9 dogs



Other dog experiences/educations:

* Dog exhibition secretary (SKK)

* Handler

* Kennel (SKK)

* MH dog mentaltest helper (SBK)

* MH evaluation (SBK) - MH helper to Ingrid Tapper with several ethologists

* MT dog mentaltest helper (SBK)