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Boxer Kennel för bruks och tjänst

Boxer Kennel for working dogs and K-9

Swerex Kennel ideology


The central in Swerex Kennel ideology is to develop the boxer as a working dog and a K-9 (service dog).

In nowadays it's not easy to find healthy and in K-9 (service dog) contexts functioning boxers.


To me it's important to be self-critical of Swerex own breeding stock and I am constantly searching for a better breeding stock.

Therefore it's important for Swerex Kennel to have active buyers, who by their active

K-9 life can help me to evaluate the Swerex breeding.


It's important that the dogs Swerex used in breeding has been tested, trained and / or competed with. Even the dressage process is a good method to evaluate the dog's characteristics.


It's important to Swerex that the dogs used in breeding are healthy. Before a dog are used in breeding I examine the dog's underlying lines as far as it's possible.

Genetics is complicated and it is not always possible to predict all eventualities, but the goal of a comprehensive genetic examination is to reduce risks for any eventualities.


Swerex breeding program is small and Swerex Kennel will always have few litters.


I put lot of time on high quality breeding and on helping and supporting Swerex puppy buyers. I don't believe that a breeder's responsibility ends when the puppy is delivered, on the contrary.

From Swerex Kennel you get as puppy buyers always help during the dog's whole lifetime, but in order to get the help you need to keep me informed about what is happening in the Swerex dog's life.


I feel that Swerex Kennel ideology have given the Swerex Kennel a positive response from interested puppy buyers in Sweden and abroad. This response has resulted in a large demand on getting a Swerex puppy.

Swerex A-litter had 11 interested buyers on every available puppy. Those who couldn't get a puppy from Swerex A-litter showed an interest to buy a puppy from Swerex B-litter. Swerex B-litter had 13 interested buyers on every avaible puppy.


Swerex C-litter will come earliest 2018.


Thank you for your trust and responsiveness.


Petrus Toxy


/ Petrus Toxy

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